An Ankara (NNI) Turkey-based source has revealed that the country's central bank will shed light on billions of dollars in foreign exchange reserves next week. According to a foreign news agency, economic analysts said Attempts to find out the source of the arrival of the CAR, however, could not be resolved. According to eight economic analysts, there is nothing in the public accounts of the $ 20 billion increase in Turkish foreign exchange reserves by March 29 this year. Turkey will explain the mysterious presence of $ 20 billion in foreign exchange reserves.
Responding to these contradictory figures in the government accounts, the Turkish accountant said that the central bank made ...

a reference to the April 30th quarterly press conference in this regard. Will provide details. The aforesaid respondent requested not to be named because he was not allowed to talk to journalists. According to information provided by the Turkish Central Bank, the country's foreign exchange reserves in three weeks by March 22 this year 9 The net loss of billions of dollars was reduced.

Turkey will explain the mysterious presence of $ 20 billion in foreign exchange reserves

In an effort to temporarily support the Treasury, the central bank received large amounts of US dollars for a short period from local lenders. According to economic analysts who spoke to Bloomberg, the money may have been included in the central bank's ongoing data on exchange reserves. The Turkish central bank has not yet officially released its details. Whether or not the money was included in the currency reserves and how, if any, was involved. According to various estimates, banks sold $ 10 to 15 billion US dollars during March this year in Turkey.

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