DAMAC (NNI) Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor has ordered a local citizen of the Eastern Khyber Governorate to pay one lakh 38 thousand riyals to a domestic worker from Indonesia. According to Arab TV A domestic employee has been working in a Saudi national for 15 years 6 months. Throughout this period she could not return to her homeland for vacation. His owner did not even give him his wages, and for a long time he could not even contact his family.

Indonesian domestic worker gets justice in Saudi Arabia

Had applied to the Labor Ministry for their rights. The government called for a person employed at home under the policy of providing justice promptly...

. The diplomatic process of the Brother Country Indonesia was also present on the occasion. In his presence, the government ordered the employee to pay one lakh thirty-eight thousand riyals immediately and arrange for his return trip, Saudi Arabia's National Labor Committee member Nasir al-Dudsri said.

Indonesian domestic worker gets justice in Saudi Arabia

That the government has made a peace treaty between the Indonesian servant and his sponsor and has ordered the owner to pay the servant a hundred and thirty-eight thousand riyals. At the behest of the government, the person paid the Indonesian employee in the form of a check. Saudi citizens will also pay for all the extra costs and penalties that are delayed upon their return.

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