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Turkish president decides to upset Syrian refugees

Ankara (NNI) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an has been claiming that he has survived the tradition of brotherhood and brotherhood among the Ansar refugees in assisting Syrian refugees. But the Turkish president’s actions regarding Syrian refugees have opened the door to his brother’s claim. Turkish President plans to evacuate Syrian refugees in hospitals by withdrawing tax exemptions in large numbers. According to Turkish newspaper, President The ruling party chaired a meeting of the AQ and reaffirmed a new approach to Syrian refugees.

Turkish president decides to upset Syrian refugees

On the occasion, some other party leaders also reacted negatively to the issue of Syrian refugees, emphasizing the need to change their policy. After criticizing the party leaders, Erdo کہاan said that Syrian refugees It was important for us to open the Turkish gates, but we were unaware of the consequences. We helped the Syrian brothers. If we had been in such a situation, they would have opened their doors to us in the same way. They said that now things were changing in Syria. We will encourage the return of Syrian refugees. Those found guilty of crimes and trying to stay in Turkey illegally will be expelled. Similarly, concessions and tax deductions at Turkish hospitals for treatment will be withdrawn.

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