If you don’t want to lose your memory, take care of your teeth!

A Japanese study associated loss of teeth and gum infections with an increase in the likelihood of losing memory and developing dementia . In this article we tell you more details about this finding and how you can take care of yourself to prevent your teeth from falling out and in passing, that you lose your memory.

Body changes

With the passage of time the body changes and it is natural that its functioning decreases. For example, some lose their sight, others hearing, teeth or memory. What all these disorders share is that they appear with age.

However, a group of researchers from Japan tried to unite two of these conditions and seek a relationship between them. In this way he found that people over 65 who had or did not have teeth or had only some (few) own teeth, were more likely to suffer memory loss or Alzheimer’s , while those who kept their teeth in better condition They had no brain disorders.

The researchers believe that one of the possible causes of this relationship could be that gum infections that can lead to tooth loss could release inflammatory substances, which in turn increase brain inflammation that causes neuron death (the cells of the brain) and accelerates memory loss. In addition, this could cause a vicious cycle since the loss of these brain connections could also cause the loss of more teeth, which would contribute to cognitive (thought) impairment .

Gum infections and memory

With the passage of time the infections in the gums are very frequent and often they do not give symptoms, that is to say that they appear without pain and they get worse little by little. So, when symptoms finally appear, it is too late to fix it. For example, you might notice redness and intense smell in the mouth and feel pain in the gums.

Anyway, the ideal is to detect any potential gum disease as soon as possible to be able to treat it and keep it from moving forward, since in the long term it weakens the structure of the bones on which the teeth rest and this causes them to fall . This is one of the reasons why the annual visit to the dentist is essential when you think about the care of your mouth.

Oral health

In addition, to maintain good oral (and cerebral, according to these findings) health, hygiene and daily care you have with your mouth is very important. Some simple and easy to remember measures that you can take to take care of your teeth and your gums are:

Brush your teeth at least twice a day, with a fluoride toothpaste .
Use dental floss or floss at least once a day (if you have had special dental treatments, be careful when passing dental floss, check with your dentist (dentist) regarding the proper way to do it).
Eat healthy: limit sugary foods between meals as well as drinks with caffeine and alcohol.
>Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.
Visit the dentist regularly (at least once or twice a year).

Don’t wait for more time. You can start today to improve your oral hygiene and keep your teeth and your memory in good condition.

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