US President Donald Trump once again called the African Narad legislator a derision, calling the state of Maryland's Balti Moore a nasty, rat and rotten mess. According to a foreign news agency This time the president was targeted by American spokesperson for the 7th District of Maryland, and Elijah Cummings, a minority member of Congress. Algeria Cummings is the chairman of the House's caretaker committee and is considered among Donald Trump's critics.

Trump mocks African-American legislator Cummings

During a congressional meeting July 18 in Homeland US Secretary of State Donald Trump said Elijah Cummings' district was more dirty and dangerous than the...

US-Mexico border. It should be noted that the majority of Black citizens in Baltimore are settled. Donald Trump quoted Elijah Cummings as saying that if he spent some time in Baltimore, he would probably have cleaned up his district.

Trump mocks African-American legislator Cummings

The US president added that his district was the worst place in America. No human being can wish for a living. Well, I go to my house in the district daily. He said that every morning, I go out and understand my neighbors. It is my constitutional responsibility to take care of the executive branch as well as my constituency. I fight for development.

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