US President Donald Trump announces a military alliance to protect oil tankers and military installations coming from Gulf countries to supply oil to the Gulf of Oman and Yemeni waters. According to the United States wants to establish a global military alliance to protect trade routes on the seas around Iran and Yemen. In this regard, US forces have also held talks with several friendly countries and efforts to restore public opinion have been increased.

Trump announces forming military alliance to protect military installations

The United States wants to ensure sailing freight in the Gulf region, for which the establishment of a global military allian...

ce is essential, for which there are plans and consultation with the friendly countries. US General Joseph Dunford added The United States will provide ships for command and control operations that will patrol the US between ships operating on the oil supply and ensure the safety of US military installations. The United States already has a fleet of aircraft in Oman after attacks on Saudi ships operating on supplies. The fleet has been deployed in addition to two ships of warplanes transferred to their military camp in Qatar.

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