Iran and India agree to complete Iranian port project soon. Indian Foreign Minister said progress during a visit to the Islamic Republic of the country affected by economic sanctions by the US The Chabahar port is being developed with the joint cooperation of India, Iran and Afghanistan, which is about 100 km west of the Pakistan border in the Indian Ocean.

Bharat Ratna and Iran agree to complete Chahar Spring Port project soon

The construction of the port was halted despite a reduction in sanctions on Iran but then the US imposed further economic sanctions after it withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. A very fruitful Iran Joint Commission mee...

ting concluded. All the projects were reviewed with our cooperation and now it is agreed to accelerate our Chabahar project," he said. The Foreign Minister was on a two-day visit to Iran. Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said at a joint news conference with the Foreign Minister that the project would promote trade in the region. Completing the railway and connecting it with Iran's national railway will become a key driver for the Chabad port.

Bharat Ratna and Iran agree to complete Chahar Spring Port project soon

Hassan Rouhani said maintaining Iran's security was an important requirement for Iran and India. Without explaining it, "the situation will certainly not continue and the United States will be forced to end its maximum pressure against Iran sooner or later," he said. The United States removed sanctions for some countries in May, after which India suspended the purchase of oil from Tehran after which Iran's largest source of revenue was eliminated. Despite tensions in Iran and Iran India sought to advance the partnership and move on.

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