Leading US analyst Michael Kogleman said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has attended multiple meetings in the White House during his three-day visit, while analyzing Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to the United States. One-on-one meeting with Donald Trump, Imran Khan meets senior leaders of Congress in Capitol Hill, Imran Khan addresses US think tanks in Washington, he is the largest US media agency Interviewed before and before He addressed a large gathering.

What happened to Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to America?

He wrote that if we regard the announcements and new deals as the standard of success, then Imran Khan's visit was nothing, it was...

about appreciating Pakistan's efforts for the Trump administration to help establish peace in Afghanistan and it Wanted to see more of such efforts while Imran Khan's visit to the government was a re-establishment of relations with the United States. If Imran Khan's visit was tested on public diplomacy, it was a very successful trip, Pakistan image is not good abroad. Was especially in Washington.

What happened to Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to America?

The visit has had a strategic success. In his tweet, he said he and his government were representing the best strategic relationship with the United States, which would help secure Afghanistan and the region in the long run. He wrote that in Washington, Imran Khan presented his position in various places with a lot of charisma and confidence, analyst said that Imran Khan's pleasant visit played a fresh air in relations which is necessary for breathing. ۔ Therefore, the analyst described the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan as very successful and said that Khan came, he saw and won. Prime Minister Imran Khan's behavior was terrific.

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