Cairo (NNI) Egypt's al-Qaeda leader has urged Qatari clerics to refrain from calling Islam Web, a provider of religious information services, online. Tariq Abu Hashima, director of the Egyptian Darfatfa, said that Qatar is officially funding Islam Web. The fatwas posted on this website do not reflect the moderate teachings of Islam with the authorization being unauthorized.

Egyptian authorities have disputed the content of Qatar's religious website

The Website is sponsored by them including the Islam Web. Due to these websites, Qatar has become the third largest country to publish the fatwa online in the Islamic world. He said that Islamic information s...

hould not be denied from the web because the content published on it is not authentic. As well as make its browsing easier, allowing any user to easily access the fatwa section on this website. In addition, this website can be run on mobile phones through applications. That is why it has become the most widely viewed web site worldwide.

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